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The fine art of procrastination

or stuff I wrote when I should have been writing something else

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The day job is communications - media relations and publicity for the arts. The dream job is to write full time - fiction and screenplays - but I keep getting distracted by said day job, family (love them really) and...fanfiction (reading and writing it).

What can I say? Fanfiction and me...it's a love/hate relationship! Love to read it, love to write it, hate that it distracts me from working on my original fiction when time is so precious. I went cold turkey for a long time but now it's creeping back. And I'm trying to keep it under control - I've decided a little of what I fancy must do me good. So this place is my indulgence - somewhere to post the occasional fanfiction that I couldn't resist writing, in the hope that positive feedback will remind me that I *can* write stuff that's worth reading and that's why I really ought to get back to the novel.

I'll make no apology for my fannish obsessions, and the fact that they change. Life's too rich not to indulge in new things or to rediscover the great flavour of old ones. And as well as a smattering of different fandoms, I hope I might also start to post (friends only) chapters of my novel, as I get further into the final edit.

As for the rest of life, I like epic romance, supernatural twists, love that survives death, tall dark men (and, it seems, thanks to BBC's 'Merlin' the occasional tall blonde man;)), sharp wit, broad minds, gentle hearts, great conversation, a large glass of pinot, a spellbinding performance on stage, a book I can lose myself in, a sunny walk in a royal park, a broad river, french chateaux, moonlight, and a box set of my current obsession. I've had them all in my life at one time or another, but thankfully not all at the same time.

Here's to good plots, like minds and shared laughter.