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Teaser for WIP: The Fundamental Things - Merlin rpf
Just a brief note to any patient soul who hasn't already died of boredom waiting for me to post something else here! I am working on a new Bradley/Colin.  And because posting a snippet of the last one (elsewhere) helped to ensure that I stayed on track and finished the thing, here's a teaser.

Excerpt from "The Fundamental Things" - Merlin rpf, will be R/NC17

The trailer door closed behind her and Bradley turned back to Colin. “Why didn’t you tell them?”

Colin swallowed. “What?”

“That we’re not...that you don’t...”

“Would you do that to me, in front of all of them, if it was the other way around?” Colin shook his head. “Jesus, Bradley, what sort of a friend do you think I am?”

“A better one than me, clearly,” Bradley murmured. “Hell, Colin, I’m so sorry.”

“For what, for kissing me or for not asking me how I felt before you did it? Or perhaps for telling Tatum and Johnny how you felt about me before I got to hear it? Unless, of course, that wasn’t true, because after all you weren’t listening to most of the conversation, were you?”  Colin’s voice caught and he turned away.

Bradley reached out, laid the lightest of touches on Colin’s back but the other man twisted away as if it stung him. “Don’t.”

“Colin, please, I wasn’t... Oh god, this is such a mess. What are we going to do?”

“You heard her. She can make it all go away.”

That squeezing pain was back in Bradley’s chest. “That’s not what she said. She can stall, but we have to say or do something. Is that what you want...for people to think it was a joke?”

Colin spun around, his eyes shimmering. “Isn’t that exactly what this is, Bradley – one big, bloody joke? Half the world thinks we’re fucking like bunnies in our French love nest; the management is royally pissed off; most of the cast and crew will probably be secretly congratulating us; we’ve fulfilled half of fandom’s innermost fantasies and broken the other half’s hearts.  All because you thought it was a good idea to stick your tongue down my throat out in the street, before you’d even–”

“Shut up,” Bradley shouted over Colin’s tirade, “just shut up, Colin. Don’t you think I know all that? Don’t you think I wish I’d never touched you?”

The words shocked them both into silence. Bradley stared across the trailer at Colin, his chest heaving. Eventually, he reached for his hoodie and shades. “Say whatever you want, to the press and to the crew. I won’t contradict it.” He turned away and walked over to the door. “And for the record,” he added quietly as he depressed the handle, “everything I said was true.”

Colin’s reply was drowned out by the cries of recognition as Bradley opened the door and the media pack at the edge of the compound spotted him. He could hear Colin calling his name as he stepped out of the trailer and the air filled with drone of a hundred zoom lenses closing in on him like a swarm of invasive insects, but Bradley kept his head down and kept going.


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Very much looking forward to this one! You are so ideally placed to write it... :-D

{shakes pom-poms in a winsome manner}

Ooooh, yes...Bradley, Colin, angst - more...PLEASE :-) Can't wait to see what happens hon <33333

I so hope that you're gonna stay on track with this one! I've been waiting for it basically since you posted this teaser, and I'd love to see it finished!

Real Life has been interfering big style, I'm afraid... But I haven't given up on this (how could I leave the boys in such a mess?!)and comments like yours are a great encouragement to keep fighting for writing time. Thank you! :)

oh, I'm sorry for you! I hope it hasn't been bad (I for one prefer messy to bad ;-). I'm really glad though that you're still working on the fic! I'll just continue waiting.

just wanted to let you know that I got myself a LJ account just so I can comment on your stories. And now I'm speechless.
I find your writing so incredibly amazing. I really do.
The emotions are so raw and yet not over the top.
Cutting Room- just about killed me. Wow, that was just such a wild ride. My first RPF ever! And darn it now I'm hooked!
I'm a virgin no more, thankyouverymuch!!
Needless to say I'm sooo looking forward to anything and everything you write. Before I go, let me just say one last thing:
you're just such a Tease!! man, i just can't wait.
I'm off to light a cig;0

Hi, thanks so much for your comment and i'm sorry to have taken so long to respond. Real life has been very difficult these past few months - a lot of loss to cope with - but I hope I can now begin a new phase and get back to my writing.

Seriously, it's receiving comments like yours that remind me how much I love the process - and it's rewards. I am insanely flattered that you got an LJ account just so you could comment on my work, and delighted that you enjoyed it so much.

Thank you for cheering up my day (week, month?!) and for motivating me to get back to those unfinished stories, and my novel.

And PS I am delighted to have taken your RPS virginity - it's all pleasure from here-on in. :)

Did this ever get finished?

Not yet but not ever... I would advise not holding your breath because real life has interfered big time. But you never know... Thanks for asking!

This is so good....what a great start. I ALSO got a Live Journal account just to follow/comment on your amazing work. I'd love to see you do more with this story! I really, really want to know what the 'everything I said was true' comment is referring to!

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